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An apprenticeship is a real job, with a contract and holiday leave, where you learn, gain experience, and get paid.

Available in a wide range of industries, an apprenticeship will help you gain the right skills, knowledge and experience needed to work in your chosen industry.

You can become an apprentice if you are aged 16 and over and not already in full-time education - there’s no upper age limit.

Available to:

Adults not already in full-time education


1-6 years

Age restriction:


Course type:

Classroom-based, On-the-job



How to apply:

Browse apprenticeships to find the right one for you

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain high quality training and hands-on experience in your chosen occupation, whilst earning a salary. You’ll also learn industry-specific and transferable skills to progress in work and open-up a range of exciting jobs.

You can start an apprenticeship whatever stage you’re at in life there’s no upper age limit. Whether you’re just starting out, want a change or you’re looking to progress in your current industry, an apprenticeship could be for you.

As an apprentice you will:

  • learn and train for a specific occupation
  • get paid and receive holiday leave
  • get hands-on experience in a real job
  • study for at least 20% of your working hours – usually at a college, university or with a training provider
  • complete assessments during and at the end of your apprenticeship
  • be on a career path with lots of future potential

Courses Available:

There are hundreds of apprenticeships to choose from in a wide range of different occupations, from AI and data science to business or construction.

It can take between 1 and 6 years to complete an apprenticeship, depending on the one you choose, what level it is and your previous experience.

Apprenticeships are available at lots of different levels, so there’s something for everyone, from level 2 apprenticeships (which are equivalent to GCSEs) to more advanced apprenticeships up to degree level.

Your time as an apprentice will be split between on-the-job training (80%) and classroom-based learning (20%).


Apprenticeships are free – they are funded by the government and your employer, so you will not have to pay any training fees.

You’ll also earn a competitive salary whilst you learn and complete your apprenticeship.

Eligibility Criteria:

You can become an apprentice if you:

  • Live in England
  • Are aged 16+ (there’s no upper age limit)
  • Are not already in full-time education

Depending on the level, some apprenticeships may also require you to have additional qualifications (like English or maths GCSE). If you do not have these previous qualifications, you may be able to receive the extra training needed to get you to the right level.


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