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Skills Bootcamps

If you’re aged 19+ and looking to change sectors or progress in your current industry, a Skills Bootcamp could be your next step to a better job.

These flexible courses of up to 16 weeks give you the opportunity to gain the in-demand skills employers are looking for and fast-track to a job interview.

Available to:

Adults aged 19+ looking to update or build their skills


Up to 16 weeks

Age restriction:


Course type:

Classroom-based, On-the-job, Online, Short courses



How to apply:

Find the right Skills Bootcamp for you and apply directly through the provider’s website.

Whether you’re looking to progress in your current sector or want to find a job in a new industry, a Skills Bootcamp could help you get there.

These flexible courses focus on the skills in-demand in your local area and lead to a guaranteed job interview, giving you a clear path from learning to a better job.

A Skills Bootcamp could be for you if you are:

  • Looking to progress in your current sector
  • Looking to change jobs or explore a new industry
  • Currently employed or self-employed
  • Recently unemployed

Courses Available:

Skills Bootcamps are developed in partnership with local employers, providers and authorities to help fill skills gaps and vacancies in local areas.

Over 100 courses are currently available in:

  • Digital skills – such as data analytics, software development or digital marketing
  • Technical skills – like construction, engineering or manufacturing
  • Green skills – including solar energy and agriculture technology
  • HGV driving – both for beginners and for those looking to upgrade their current HGV licence

Skills Bootcamps are short courses of up to 16 weeks and are designed to be flexible, so you can fast-track your skills on your own terms, fitting learning around your family or other commitments.
Completing a Skills Bootcamp also leads to a guaranteed job interview with a local employer, helping you to get a better job.


Free – funded by the government if you are taking the course yourself and not through your employer.

Eligibility Criteria:

You can take a Skills Bootcamp if you:

  • Are aged 19+
  • Live in England
  • Are employed, self-employed, have recently become unemployed or are returning to work after a break

For most Skills Bootcamps, no prior knowledge in the subject is needed – you just need a good grasp of the English language and the willingness to learn new skills.

Some Skills Bootcamps may have additional entry requirements, such as prior education levels or previous sector experience. Contact the provider or visit their website for more information on the entry requirements for a specific Skills Bootcamp.

How to Apply:

To apply for a Skills Bootcamp:

  • Find a Skills Bootcamp on
  • Visit the provider’s website of your chosen Skills Bootcamp
  • Apply directly with the course provider
  • Spaces for Skills Bootcamps are limited and participation will be at the discretion of the course provider

More Skills Bootcamps will continue to become available throughout the year.


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