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Everything you need to know about The Skills Toolkit

Topping up your skillset can boost your job chances and unlock exciting new opportunities, no matter your industry or current skill level. Digital, numeracy and transferable skills are some of the most sought-after by employers, so developing yours can strengthen your CV and help you stand out from the crowd.

The Skills Toolkit is an easy way to kickstart your learning, for free.

Developed by the Department for Education with support from some of the country’s leading educational experts and employers, The Skills Toolkit is an online platform giving you free access to high-quality, on-demand courses, helping you to build up your skills and get ahead in work.

From everyday maths and computer essentials to courses in marketing, finance, personal development and even coding and computer science, there’s a wide variety available to suit a range of different interests and levels.

Who can access The Skills Toolkit?

The Skills Toolkit is for everyone – whether you’re out of work or thinking about changing jobs, have just left full time education and are starting your career, or if you’re just keen to develop your skills and keep your mind busy and healthy.

All the courses on The Skills Toolkit are available online, meaning that it’s easy to learn flexibly and at your own pace. Courses range from 20-minute tutorials to a few weeks long and there’s no long-term commitment or deadlines, so you can dip in and out of your chosen course at your leisure, choosing to learn whenever suits you best.

There’s something for everyone, no matter what level you want to start at. Whether you just need a refresher, or you want to learn something entirely new, The Skills Toolkit has something for you.

What courses are available?

Introductory courses include sessions on getting to grips with Microsoft Outlook, including how to efficiently organise inboxes and manage calendars – essential for impressing employers with your organisational skills!

Or check out the numeracy courses, helping you to refresh your maths skills for everyday life covering or take introduction courses in finance, book-keeping and accounting, giving you the skills you need to stay finance savvy at work.

If you’re looking to develop more advanced skills, you can learn to code in a variety of programming languages, including Python and HTML, and discover how to build your own video game, website or mobile app. Or choose to learn core digital marketing skills covering topics like social media, content creation, SEO and graphic design. There are even courses on AI, computer networks and cyber security!

You can also boost your professional skills with a range of transferable skills courses, from how to create a professional online presence and present your work with impact (great for that interview prep!) to courses on communication, project management, remote working and resilience.

Whatever your interest or current skills level, there’s a course to suit you.


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