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How learning as an adult could benefit your family

June Angelides with her daughter working on a laptop

Learning as a parent can be extremely fulfilling. From unlocking new job opportunities with better work life balance and flexibility, to inspiring your children to study or helping them with their homework – boosting your skills can give you greater confidence in both your work and home life.

Hear how learning new skills has benefitted the lives of other parents:

“There are so many opportunities available which can boost your confidence and your ability to break into a new industry”

June Angelides MBE, founder of Mums in Tech

Careers expert June Angelides MBE is a big advocate for lifelong learning.

June realised the importance of learning again after having her first child. She had begun learning to code on her maternity leave from Silicon Valley Bank, so when she returned to work, she could have deeper conversations with technologists. June then went on to create her own coding school for mums, Mums in Tech, and has been promoting lifelong learning ever since. June says:

“As an advocate for lifelong learning, I’ve seen first-hand the impact learning something new can have not only on your confidence but on your ability to take on new challenges.


Today, there are lots of options to learn new skills for free. The Skills Toolkit is available online to everyone and not only provides great courses on hard skills such as coding, but also courses on transferable skills like confidence and resilience which can be invaluable if you are looking to break into a new industry.”


If you’re wanting to make the most out of learning, June suggests:


“There are great communities to leverage online if you have any questions about the things you are learning. I’d also encourage people to reach out to people doing the jobs linked to the course you are taking. Nothing beats understanding how the thing you are learning will be applied in future roles.”

“With a newborn baby, I wanted to move into a sector with more security”

Dan Watson, Skills Bootcamp in Coding

Dan worked as a personal trainer, but with a newborn baby, he decided that he wanted to move into a new sector with better earning potential and job security. So he decided to take a Skills Bootcamp in Coding. Dan says:

“The course surpassed all my expectations. Everything I learned was geared toward helping me get a job in the industry. The course covered a diverse range of areas, including content that matched local skills demand, soft skills, interview prep and CV improvement.


The course also fast-tracked me to an interview with my current employer Wise, where I landed my role as Junior Digital Project Manager. I’m now earning more than I earned before and there are so many more opportunities for me to progress. It’s been a real life-changer!”


“I don’t think you’re ever too old to learn and you don’t have to take a classic route — with Skills Bootcamps you can gain specific skills and training and get into work faster.”


“It feels great to show my children they can achieve anything”

Carrie Abbott, Level 3 qualification in Childcare

Carrie previously struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, but a few years ago, she decided to start her learning journey and it has boosted her confidence by miles. Carrie took a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A levels) in Childcare. Carrie now works at her local school nursery, but would love to become a Special Educational Needs Coordinator one day. She says:

“I can’t thank the course tutors enough – they’ve really helped me get back into work and now I absolutely love what I do!”


Throughout the learning process, Carrie’s children remained her biggest motivation –

“they are so proud of me and it feels great to show them that they can achieve anything they want if they put the effort in. More than anything they’re really glad to see that I’m less anxious and I’ve got my confidence and independence back.”


If you don’t have A levels or equivalent, you can choose from hundreds of free Level 3 qualifications (Free Courses for Jobs). From April this year, you will also be eligible if you earn below the National Living Wage annually (£18,525) or are unemployed – even if you have a Level 3 qualification or higher.

Not sure where to start?

Whether you are looking to get back into work or move into a job that fits around you, the National Careers Service is perfectly placed to help you find career and learning opportunities that suit your lifestyle and commitments.

They can also help you make plans to refresh your skills or develop new ones. With expert local knowledge, they will work with you to find learning opportunities in your area that will meet your needs and improve your prospects.


Contact the National Careers Service for free advice and guidance link opens in a new tab

If you are looking to start in a new sector, gain more job security or boost your salary, learning new skills could be your next step to unlock your potential.

There are hundreds of government-funded opportunities available.


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